Monday, February 22, 2010


Power is gained and maintained in many ways. Whether you are talking about a person with power or a thing that holds power, it is always gained in one way or another. A person can hold power over someone else in their life in many ways, including being their parent, a role model, a leader, or just a good friend that influences them in one way or another. Believe it or not, a thing or possession can also hold power in someone else's life. It could be a high priority for them, a hobby, an important, meaningful possession of theirs, etc. In fact, I will give you an example of something that holds power in my life.

Books and music hold power in my life for multiple reasons. First of all, I just love to read and listen to music as a hobby. They also hold power in my life because a lot of times there is a great amount of meaning behind it. But mostly I dive into a book and blare music when I need to escape reality for some reason. For instance, depending on my mood or how I am feeling at the moment, I listen to certain types of music. Some examples are of times when I am angry or upset. If I'm upset for some reason, say my boyfriend broke up with me or I lost a best friend, I might listen to some sad music that talks about breakups or losing friends and how you move on like Skillet or The All-American Rejects. When I'm angry for say, my parents punished me for a stupid reason or a friend betrayed me, I might listen to some Breaking Benjamin or Bullet For My Valentine since they are kind of metal/alternative and somewhat screamo. In addition to that, I also stick my nose into an intriguing book to get my mind off whatever is bothering me and escape reality by only focusing on the story at hand.

Although music and books hold a large amount of power in my life, there are times when they lose power for me. For example, if there is a situation that I'm not sure how to handle or one that makes me have jumbled emotions that I can't decipher what exactly I'm feeling at the time, music normally doesn't help since I don't know what type to listen to. Another example would be if I had such a huge weight on my shoulders or have a thought that is extremely bothering me, a book might not necessarily catch my interest and keep my mind off of the issue.

These things might happen to you too, which is perfectly okay. Everybody goes through times where people/things gain or lose power in your life, and though you might have better times and worse times in your life, you're not dealing with it alone. Whenever you have bad times or good times in your life, you can always go with something or someone that holds power and meaning in your life to cheer you up or keep your spirits up. When in doubt, go to what holds power in your life to help you through it.

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